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Match attax world cup 2010 collection

at the mo they is a uk match attax england set and other parts of europe, scotland, northern ireland and the world its "world star's set"

how many different lanuage collector sets of cards are you producing??

we have seen base cards with 4 lanuages on here and the man of the match cards with either, german, english, spanish etc etc could you confirm how this is for us ???

i realise due to licesening rights, are you possibley, are you going to offer some of these different collector sets avaible on the uk topps site???? do you have any sister sites like your toppsfussball site where collectors/kids can buy sets from.

could you give us the total low down on the whole set as it would come from the horses mouth??? the best publisty for the match attax is for poeple to discuss in the forums and create a buzz from it, but some times its a shame that your press release department/collector information really lags behind as the horse has already bolted or the cat is out of the bag on collections.

Its a great idea that topps and the football cards forums are looking at a sharing information as this is too fold as it keeps all of topps customers, yes customers intouch with the makers/retailers of these products.

keep the good work up topps and your customer base look very bright for the future as my son has got me hooked. also well done tollyman for taking the time to talk with topps on behalf of its collectors of its match attax products.
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