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OK so I came back today from the MA World Championchips!

I should be doing a video about next week as I recorded exactly 121 clips from the finals, although on the Saturday I used it all up just as the final had finished. So the restaurant bit at the end isn't on but I got literally everything else. Before I start I want to say it was probably 100 times better than last year for reasons you'll see when you read on...

One thing was that we all knew each other very well in some ways or another: I knew someone on youtube who was also in the finals. There were 2 people other than me from last year's finals: One who had beat the person on YT that I know last year to get to the finals last year, and I knew him because of course we were both at the finals. There was also the other person from last year. There was someone who watched mine and the other YT person's videos so was glad to meet us. We also had a lot more opportunities to talk to each other this year which was good so we got to know each other very well. Well done if you followed all that btw XD


-So I got there and met everyone. I was one of the last to arrive, but still got there on time. We then all got goodie bags with our own personalised card in it from the event with Att100 Def100 like last year. So I have 2!

-Then we went to the restaurant (Sports cafe) It was very dark inside and there were lots of TVs of you guessed it...sport!! So the footage I got wasn't that good :/
Unfortunately the food took ages so we didn't have long to eat it. More or less everyone got burgers. Somehow we still managed a few games of table football afterwards.

-Then we went back to the hotel and I started filming and I was opening the starter pack and...OH SNAP! Fire alarm goes off! So we all had to evacuate the huge building!! I don't think there was actually a fire though and the next day there was a message in the list saying sorry for the inconvenience or something.

-So after all that we went back into the hotel and I did the filming. Fortunately I was just opening the outside wrapper when the alarm had gone off. After that I briefly got my team together and went to sleep.


-Got up early and we were the first into the Breakfast room. Nice bacon.. Terrible Tomatoes....

-Then we were collected be the AMPHIBIOUS LANDING CRAFT which is basically a big boat with wheels which took us of a tour of London including going into the Thames. Really was an awesome experience! I took my MasterofMatchAttax mascot card with me. I'm relieved I never dropped it into the Thames although we were quite near the water itself. Then we went to the open top Match Attax tour bus.

-It took us to Upton Park for the finals. We took a huge group picture outside then the tour began. We got some good views of the ground as it was empty. At one point commentator Jonothan Pearce walked past and the tour guide mentioned him but I missed him :( And he's my favourite commentator! I might have got footage of him, will need to double check...) Anyway at the end of the tour we had lunch in the stand before the finals.

-Then....The Group Stages!!! 3 Groups of 5, with the 3 winners and best runner up of all the 3 groups going through to the Semi Finals. I was in a group with the other 2 people from last year, the person from YT and the Norwegian. It was quite dramatic as I won 2, drew 2. I think it was the tactics as in both draws I'd brought on K.Davies and drawn with Vidic as it had been my call. I later changed Murphy and Davies to Taylor and Johnson which now that I think about it didn't have much point! The Norwegian won 3 games and lost to me, and actually used an error card of Chimbonda which I forgot about and almost lost! But it still meant I came 2nd :0

-So the 3 finalists were decided. Being in group 2 I already knew the results of group 1 which finished first. The runner up had got 7 points so I'd beaten him. My future in the competition would be decided by what the runner up of group 3 had got in points. One of the players was tricked into using a Match Attax Extra card which had been disallowed in the competition because MAE isn't sold in every country that had participated. Meanwile a few of us went over to try and get Ancelotti to sign some cards but he clearly had a lot more important things to do like talk to cameramen!! :014

-Anyway, at that point it was time to announce the Semi finalists...the 3 winners and............................ME!! As the best runner up! I'd slipped through the cracks!!

-So then the Semi finals...where I'd gone out last year...Would you believe it...I won the Match!!! I was in the final!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd actually done it!! So 10 minutes before half time we were taken into the tunnel area, ready to play at half time. We saw them get the trophy out, then 2 awesome things happened: First of all, I was told that Blackburn were winning vs Man City. My responce was: ''I'm not surprised!'' Then we saw the entire West Ham and Chelsea team walk in to the opposite changing rooms. We were like 3 Metres away! From Terry, Drogba and Parker! Robert Green is really tall. Benayoun...not so much! We walked out onto the pitch then for the finals......held in front of tens of thousands of people...

-It was one of the epicest finals ever: One of us'd win a round, the other would equalise! My biggest mistake was using Arshavin with manager to attack, but he had Terry with manager to defend! He'd used Arshavin MotM and despite everything I said at the start of the year I used Torres Hundred Club. It was the 2nd to last round. I had Torres HC and Matt Taylor, He had David James and a good forward. But I won the round with Torres Hundred club and had Matt Taylor to finish. 60 Attack and 60 Defence, and it was my call! I think I had defended and he had had James in net so he lost the round. Ironically last year's winner had won it with James but...as the 2nd to last round had made it 5-5, and I had won the last round...

I had won...

I was...


I was speechless! I had my picture taken with the trophy as the announcer who had narrated the game announced me as the winner! I walked back to the stands on cloud 9! I never remember hearing it but apparently some Chelsea fans were chanting my name XD

-Everyone said well done and it was really something one can't describe in words for how I was feeling! To be fair though it was a really tough set of opponents and Im surprised to have come out on top in the end.

-So after a brief trip to the gift shop we headed to the tour bus to go to Bill Wyman's Sticky Fingers. Unfortuately I'd never got an autograph for any of the players but it was ok. A West Ham new signing had been at the front gate at the start of the game for autos but he doesn't have a Match Attax card which is all I'd brought to the game, but it was ok - we were headed to one of the awesomest restaurants I know! The tour bus was fun. Someone had bought an oversized tennis ball and it rolled down the steps of the bus XD The wind was like a soothing tycoon on my forehead! The majority of the bus sang for Chelsea and then there was one West Ham Supporter who struggled to really win the chants! It would go: CHELSEA! WEST HAM! BLACKBURN! You see, good times! It was fun to shout Match Attax at random passers by like: Hey you! Match Attax!!

-We got to the restaurant and all got a nice starter of Nachos, Robs and this cheese thing. The ribs were awesome, then I ordered the Barbaque chicken but then remembered it was Peri Peri last year that i'd got. I was ''gutted''! Although due to tiredness and not fully being able to soak everyhting in I had little an appetite! Then it was time for dessert!

-Back at the hotel I was announced again as the winner. B) Then everyone went round to get emails and sign programmes ect. I passed around my spare Trophy card wich was hard to sign and about 1/3 of everyone had gone to bed so they couldn't sign it, which was annoying. The whole group of people left had loads of games of Match Attax at the end - another reason why this year was better. I suppose the fact that I won contributed somewhat to my overall opinion of the weekend too! XD

-I then handed out mini packs of 2 German base and my new buisness card to everyone there! It was funny to see how they all reacted! But then I had to of course retire to my room as MOTD was on! Surprisingly I wasn't on which was a shame but I'm not that bothered. I then went to sleep after a long day...


-So the final day: It really was a case of get up, eat Breakfast and get out before 12....until we realised were gonna miss the train so we went back and I played Match Attax with about 1/2 the finalists for half an hour! Then we said goodbye and left, thus concluding what was probably the best weekend of my life!

I'd like to thank everyone for the support, paticularly the Forum of course, as well as youtube and Topps for the opportunity and the weekend and all the stuff we did and got. It was an awesome bunch of Finalists too! Great people!

As Im wanting to wrap this up as I've been typing non stop for ages now I believe there's one question you may be wondering being: 'What do I get?' Well to start I honestly think being known as the World Champion is prize enough but I'm getting a 101 version of the card I got earlier but with a different picture through the post as well as a mini version of the trophy, but that may take a while. If you have any more questions feel free to ask but please check it's not already been answered if possible beforehand. If you read that through to the end well done for doing so, and do it quick because i'm sending it to be published soon XD (That was a joke btw!)

So, yeah, go me! XD And thanks to everyone!

And just so you know, I was typing this and not writing my story for English coursework...that's how commited I am to you guys XD
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