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Oct 8 2010, 07:27 AM
Oct 8 2010, 07:22 AM
Tollyman which Tesco store in MK did you get your cards from?
The store here in Wolverton hasn't had any for ages.
And i went in yesterday to get some shopping and thought i'd get a few packets of 10/11 and they didn't have any on the tills (They did last week.)
So i asked at the Ciggerette counter where they used to sell them and the lady there said they weren't stocking them any more.
Probably because after the MA England set didn't really sell too well they don't really trust match attax in making much profit. That's my diagnosis.
Well they sell other cards Like deadly 60, Top Gear and some Horrible X Factor things.
And they had them last week, with trophy cards.
Maybe they had just sold out and the daft woman on the till had no idea what she was on about.
Even with all the old stock they are off loading, Tesco's would've made a massive profit on all those Match Attax England cards they sold.
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