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Masters Card
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Victor Meldrew
Oct 11 2010, 12:03 PM
For the Extra series you could produce a totally new subset called WAGS. Then again this could prove a bit tricky for some, eh Wayne. Then again he could have his own Limited Edition signed holographic card linked to the Topps website with his own locator map “Where’s Wayne Now!!!”
LOL, nice one Stephen. :sf4

There could also be a sub set from this WAGS collection - Who's Jermaine with - where a set of Big Brother reality tv girls cards are produced and the 2 ratings are how many days he went out with them for and how many times he cheated on them per week. :sf4

Before I get a rolicking from Tollyman my serious question is:
' It seems to me the legends world cup series which was given exclusivity to Tesco was a fantastic success. Do you have any plans to produce legend cards relating to the premier league teams in a match attax collection'.
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