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Oct 18 2010, 01:57 PM
Oct 15 2010, 07:26 PM
Seems a bit wierd that Drogba is number 2. You would think that most people would get him first so he is number 1...But topps never seem to amaze me...
I got Liam Ridgewell first; still he's not the card numbered 1 in the collection. Don't look for a logic behind the numbering - I find rather weird that the Limited Editions (which shouldn't in my opinion be part of the collection) are numbered at all.

By the way, I got the tin, so I only need Vidic and this other one to be released with Kick in 2 months time (is it Cahill?).
its pienaar released with either kick/match mag on 7th december
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I'm starting this list up again, sorry to all the great traders I've traded in the past!

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