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Oct 13 2010, 10:01 PM
Why is it so hard for you guys to not make Mint condition cards? I understand that not every single card will be in perfect shape, fine. But is it really that difficult to cut the cards properly so that the cards are well centered?
This could be solved "easily" if Topps had done like every other card manufacturer and dropped the silly and annoying white frame or border on the base cards. I too have noticed that many of the cards are not centered and it seems quite unprofessional. Makes them feel cheaper, somehow (Is it too expensive to cover the whole cardboard rectangle with an image?)
Rant over.

Btw, I think my question is hidden somewhere in there as well: :sf4
But to be sure: "Why do your basecards (all the cards actually, although it's more noticeable on basecards) have a white frame? The cards would be a lot more beautiful and collectible had the images covered the whole card. Is this something you have considered for future collections?"
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