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Hi everyone

It is with great pleasure that I present to you, a...


Posted Image

Designed by me, the squad box can be used to store cards or swaps for keeping them safe or for transportation, and it's made completely to scale! It's easy to assemble, and doesn't require any adhesive depending on the material it's printed on, where cardboard is recommended.

And this Unofficial Squad Box is FREE to print out and keep for yourselves - and it's 100% exclusive to Footballcardsforum! :clap

------Tips for printing and assembling------

1) You can copy and paste the image into a document to print. If the size shown is not correct, you will want to change it to:
Height: 18.5cm
Width: 20.3cm

2) When assembling, use a ruler for an accurate fold of the sides. You will also need to cut all the dotted lines shown also, so the flaps can be inserted. If necessary, you may need to make these bigger.

3) If you've used paper, you may need to add support with celotape in the relevant areas.

If you have and more questions and queries about printing and assembly, just ask! :cheers

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