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Dec 8 2010, 04:06 PM
Dec 8 2010, 03:09 PM
What do you think about the prices on her other signed cards? reasonable?
Given 180
Toure 125
I asked her if she worked for Topps because of all the unreleased/signed cards she has, she said she just bought them on ebay (no doubt for cheaper LOL.)
They still seem quite steep - I would say the Toure was reasonable if it was mint but the description suggests it is rough (I bet its the same card which sold for 60 recently which you put the link up)

The unreleased cards can someone have a look at the prices and let cardhitter know as I dont have any ideas on these the only value I know is the Dunn LE.
I'd say all of the cards are overpriced to some extent...

Here's the reply I got to my question..

"I am negotiable on most cards, although feel the Given is reasonably priced, especially as pay 10% ebay fees. If you pay direct through paypal that will save ebay fees and I will give full saving to you. Email me on [her email address] with cards you are interested in and we can discuss pricing. I have no connection to Topps, I have bought off ebay and gained contact that way, I am primarily a collector (actually it was when my sons got involved 3 years back that I got into it), but sometimes I manage to get a few of the very rare cards as doubles. I find it is easy for sites to say cards are not worth it, but to get the rare cards is very difficult and I have acquired them slowly and painfully over 3 years. I would imagine that most people who say they are to expensive do not have the rare cards and that is quite simply because you do need to pay to get them. I have only recently got the last one I was loking for being the Fabregas signed and had to pay handsomely for it, although I am saitified with having got all the rare cards. That said the latest Rio I have not got. Hope that helps."
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