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Masters Card
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Given is way too overpriced that is for certain. I think they are talking rubbish frankly trying to sell them as there has been no fabregas on ebay recently Im certain of that. It sounds like they are selling off the rough ones of their collection (which would make sense). Ask them how much they paid for Fabregas hologram?!!

As they say its easy for sites to say there not worth it but I have most of the cards from 2009 as well and know how much I paid for them - nowhere near on the Given amount!!!

I think they are just lying as you can see what they have bought recently on their feedback. They did pay 300 for a giggs LE by the looks of it though.

Personally I would wait till they come on auction at a proper starting price, I would be very surprised if anyone bid on these.
Although values are all about what a person is prepared to buy at!!
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Gomez signed card · Bundesliga Match Attax 09/10