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It's strange because it's been portrayed that Giggs is the rarest (when it's actually valencia) but both Giggs and Dunn were actually released, although accidentily. I know someone who had one, and it went for 150 on ebay in an auction. For the rest it's hard to tell. We don't know how many were made but the majority were destroyed. He can't be yahyanoor because traceface is in Kent and yahyanoor is in Burnley. So we can only go by how many yahyanoor listed of each on ebay but it's strange why he would have so many of some and not as many of others - unless he's been saving Valencia to make it appear to be rarer, but then why would there be so many Sanlis??

lol, so many questions...but I'd say It's almost 100% likely that all the unreleased cards originally came from yahyanoor alone.
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