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Topps expands the portfolio of its Bundesliga collectibles to a new product: On 1 March brings the company called "Chipz" on the market. Round tokens that are the portraits of the league players are ready to buy. a total of 234 Chipz and six limited editions to collect it. The 18 Bundesliga clubs are identified by different colors and each club has 13 Chipz. The collection box of Chipz can be turned into a goal wall, let in the sink with targeted Chipz throws.

Brand new are the Chipz not: In May 2009, Topps put the product on the market at that time but not about football, but wrestling games. The product sold, according to Topps very successful.

The launch of the Bundesliga Topps Chipz accompanied with various marketing activities. So there are a several week television campaign in its early format of Super RTL, RTL2 and Nickelodeon, as well as the league format of Sport1. Also lies in the SPORT BILD output of 2 March, a free on-chip. Topps also cooperates with Ferrero: When you buy a 750 gram Nutella glass there is a package for customers and a collapsible target goal as a free bonus.

The Bundesliga Topps Chipz in over 50,000 outlets in magazines and toy stores. A packet with 5 Chipz costs 1.90 , a starter pack Binder, Collector magazine and a package there for 9.90 and a collection box with the Chipz target goal, the rules of the game and 16 for 12,99 Chipz.

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@Val:Would you please also set the pictures again.

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