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Honestly I don't see why Topps releases this product the way they do. Players like Mondragon, van Bommel and Bradley have left Bundesliga long ago, Hain was never supposed to be No. 1 for St. Pauli but Kessler. A miracle they didn't include Ozil! Vidal is not a rookie at all but in his fourth season for Leverkusen. So they produced those chips like when, months ago?, and throw them on the market now. Oh dear. What are they supposed to be anyway? Another toy? Sorry, I'm getting a bit angry because poor parents (like me) soon won't have any money for buying their children food or clothes because the children want all that Bundesliga cards, stickers and chips! I may be tied to the 80s (slightly misquoting that Travis-song) but I more and more want the times back when there were only stickers.
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