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Frank Lampard is available from Tesco & One Stop stores according to my contact at Topps.

What I would like to do with this thread is to record our findings of which stores do and do not stock Match Attax Extra boxes that do or do not have Frank Lampard cards.

Frank Lampard is ONLY available in 200 count boxes that explicitly have his picture on and say 'Frank Lampard Limited Edition in box'. 100 count boxes will not have them in. If you find him in any other places it will be through a stocking error.

If you have been to your local Tesco or One Stop stores let us know if it does or does not have these boxes. Perhaps we can then save our members money by stopping them making pointless trips to stores that don't have them!

Please do not clog up this thread with posts just chatting generally about Lampard LE. Just Stores, date you went and if you found the boxes. I will delete any other posts
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