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Apr 30 2011, 10:43 PM
no not the positions i understand why thats defferent e.g midfield but the names???
The names do not change, they are just transliterated, so that they can spell it the same as you.

That works the other way round. For example, Roman Pavlyuchenko is just the English version of Роман Павлюченко (his "true" name - sorry, Russian letters do not seem to be accepted by the forum) - it's even spelt Pavlioutchenko in France, Pawluczenko in Polish.

It was quite funny when I had to give my name to the customs in Ukraine. The officer made me repeat a couple of times before writing it down on her form, then handed it to me asking for confirmation. I just said it was ok, since I couldn't read a word. :shrug
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