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José Otávio
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Hello, guys
No Copa America in Brasil yet. But I already have some informations. Gary, we will have 3 types of packets again. The third is in portuguese, "contém 5 cromos". I saw some packets from Uruguay, all Made in Brasil, and there was the 3 types.
Baros: Copa America album here was released in 2001, named "seleções da américa". But you right, it was terrible, nobody had collected. The 2004 edition didn't have any album. But in 2007 Panini released again and it was a success! So, no doubts about it, the album will be released here. But you are correct about another thing: brasilian league album is much more popular. But no champions league. Thats not success here.

Regards, José
My wishlist: http://s13.zetaboards.com/Football_Cards/topic/6808036/1/#new
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