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Jun 1 2011, 04:46 PM
Great result for longlongago. Slightly suspicious of the second highest bidder on the autos though with a feedback of only 4 and 100% bid activity with the seller having placed 64 bids......
Thats an interesting piece of info!

there was one bidder on all 3 of his Auto auctions placing bids up to exactly 80gbp.

This low feedback buyer had 65 bids in his ebay history, 100% to auction of longago08

30-Day Summary
Total bids: 65
Items bid on: 42
Bid activity (%) with this seller: 100%
Bid retractions: 0
Bid retractions (6 months): 0

Of course this it not a prove, but to me this smells liks shill bidding.

And shill bidding is extremly unfair. personally I will avoid all people who are doing it. Does anybody have more experience in such cases?
How can we find out if he really was pushing his own auctions to a "safe price" like 80gbp?
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