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I really do NOT like the new binder, the only good thing is that you can add more sheets easily. I do this anyway with the other binders by removing pages from spare binders and taping them right in at the joins to the new binder.
The cover is far too flimsy, they should at least have laminated it. Will not stand the test of time so might be a good idea to get a new one and keep it unopened in case you want to sell your collection in years to come. Just put them in the new binder and youve got a mint one.
It would be a good idea as in the previous post to include the extras in the same album, should have been like that from the start anyway.
I have all the binders from 07 08 through to present and the new one sticks out like a sore thumb when displayed with the others on a shelf.
Topps just simply need to consider how many different cards they are going to produce for that season and know that there will be people who will want them all. They then need to put the required amount of pages in and there will be no need to add any more. The world cup one was the worst, by the time id added tesco ledgends, the full set of not released in the UKs, all limited editions, picture variations I had added about 6 new pages to the book.
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