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I haven't got the binder yet as starter packs are just about to be released in Australia but I wanted to offer something. In australia we have two series' of rugby league cards released each year. One is a lower class, lower priced set designed for kids and average collectors to collect and there is also a premium set priced higher but including beter quality cards and lots of signatures.

Both of these sets are released with quality binders that have leather on the outside. This is on top of a very hardcover to make sure the cards are safe. Pages can then be inserted via the rings inside the binder and can be bought from the local newsagent for 50 cents. There is also a zip all the way round so checklists can be kept inside the binder.
While improvements are needed in Australia with these cards the binders are well made and highly reliable and so a similar one should be adopted by topps. The only concern I have for using this binder with match attax is that the binder costs with 2 packs of cards (rrp.2.99) $20 and as Match attax is currently a very cheap collection they may not want quality if it means a high $$$$.
Hope this helps!
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