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Kit cards possibly but only for home kits.

Legend cards for proper legends (ie: not just for players since the Prem started) who have played a significant number of games or scored a large number of goals for that club and made a contribution over time, not a 5 minute wonder who's popular with the fans, the term legend gets banded about way to often in football these days)

Future Stars as in 'future' not ones who are already regulars in the squad, players who are highly rated but not yet made the breakthrough. If they do they do, if they don't they don't thats the risk. Topps did it previously with the autographed cards they brought out a few years ago, for West Brom it was Matt Collins who never got near the first team but thats what made the card more interesting instead of someone who is involved week in week out already.

Limited Editions spread out over more clubs, not everyone is interested in Arsenal, Man Utd, Man City, Spurs, Chelsea blah blah blah, same old same old. I understand its all to target the well-supported clubs but maybe something different once in a while to target collectors.
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