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Make the set similar to Munidcromo in Spain.

1332 cards in the set.

Lots of metallic cards of Badges, Stadiums, Top Players - different colours and with different designs etched into the metallic covering.

To complete the whole set you'd be talking about collecting about 2500 cards.

They release them throughout the season in up to 20 editions, wiith new cards coming out with each additional edition.

They even issue the first lot of cards BEFORE the season starts, and the players are always in the new season kit even then!

Really, Topps have taken the simple option for UK soccer cards.

Check out their US site and see what they do for US sports, you'll be amazed.

Soccer collectors are treated like second-class citizens compared to our American cousins.


Tollyman - I know this post is rather negative towards Topps, don't mind if you want to delete it before you send the link to them...

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Match Attax Championship 2011/12 .. .. David Marshall - Star Player (signed); Peter Whittingham - Star Player (signed); Robert Earnshaw - MotM (Signed).
Match Attax Championship 2011/12 .. .. 5 card promotional packet with Kenny Miller on the front.
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