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Hart again??
Hmm..... Not because I'm a United supporter that I choose him but I think he has been amazing this year (2012) and he's (in my EPL app) number 1 best goalkeeper (With Amos and Lindegaar in top 3 though only De Gea is number #1 and he has played alot) so I would go for a De Gea 100 Club.

Defender- Vincent Kompany has been really great this season. So has Evans- though Kompany deserves it
Midfielder- Goin with Mata here or maybe a Silva 101 (As someone said in another thread, Bale was Extra 10/11 HC and a 101 HC in 11/12) so maybe that pattern is repeated

Striker- Has to be RVP, DEFINATELY, if not, Rooney my second choice but he's been HC alot of times.
IDK but I think we shall have to wait till next season starts to see anyone that plays well in the 12/13 season to really make a guess ;)
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