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RVP easily. Only other candidates I can see are Rooney and Dempsey.

Here's what I think (and sort of hope) the HC's will most likely be be-

Hart (or Vorm or De Gea or Krul)
Jones (or Kompany)
Parker (or Yaya Toure or Valencia or Bale)
RVP (or Rooney if Arsenal sell him!)

Topps may include five HC's once again this year so that they can include two strikers because so many of them have been awesome this year (RVP, Rooney, Ba, Mata etc.). Two Liverpool players (Enrique and Suarez) have also done great this season and would have been good choices, but they shouldn't get one because of how poorly they've done. And the choices all depend on whether or not each of the better clubs get one of the HC's. It would be unfair for City to have two HC's (e.g. Aguero and/or Hart and/or Kompany) while the team above them get none. The only Chelsea players that (in theory) have a chance of being a HC are Mata and Sturridge, but there are already at least three strikers ahead of them, so I doubt Chelsea will have a HC next year. Tottenham should get a HC this year regardless of what they do in the remaining games as they have been fantastic to watch (up until Capello got the sack).

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