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Apr 12 2012, 05:15 PM
Apr 12 2012, 04:37 PM
Hey guys, I just got back form Birmingham. What a day, I met Gt6943 and his son, and also victor meldrew and his son. It was very niice as I could meet up with people off the forums. There were 2 tournaments, one for 9 and under and one for over 10. Jack (Gt6943 son) qualified on his 1st attempt I believe in the U9 tourny, but it took me 3 attempts to get through the over 10 oturnament. I Lost to the boy who eventually won the event, and also won at manchester last year. On my 2nd attempt, I lost focus and lost to jukebox, who is a member on here. However, on my 3rd attempt, I was losing with 2 cards to play, I won both cards and was through to the last 16. I completly expected to lose my 1st game in it, but much to my surprise I won, and I believe I was the last person from the forum left in the tournament, however I may be worng! I lost my last 8 game, but I was not upset, as I had got alot furthur than I expected. The boy who beat me came 2nd in the end of the tournament. Thanks to Victor Meldrew and Gt6943 for giving me some free cards also and for the trade. The topps swap shop was interesting, they allowed you to request 10 MOTM cards for a small amount of base, However, i thoguht you had to give a certain amount, so I gave more than I could of! I almost completed my collection, and got some cards. The charity auction was probably the most entertaining part of the amount. I was slightly sure I would get something good, but not sure. I bidded on the first auction and got out bid, then an ashly cole signed match atatx shirt came up, and i bidded 900 swaps and got him. I knew this was a good deal, and I would also like to mention gt6943, who picked up a signed shay given shirt. The most expensive item was either a signed gareth bale boot, or hart gloves, which fetched over 7000. Victor Meldrew tried to get the gloves, but got out bid by the boy who I believe won it for 7100. Then i boguht a few packs, and got some free things before it was time to go. I would like to thanks the people who i saw at the event for making it alot more enjoyable, as i actually knew someone, aston villa for hosting it, and ofcourse you know who for creating this oppitunity. it was a great day out, despite travelling for 4 hrs
I was the one who got the gloves. Really wanted them as I am a goalkeeper myself. Sorry Victor Meldrew. I also bid on the given signed shirt but eventually decided that I would prefer the gloves.
I had a great time and saw lots of you there. I was wearing My "I beat the Match Attax Master" on the front, and a blue checked hoody.
Hope you guys had a good time too. :)
I played you in the tournaments. Twice in fact. I was the one that had the same team as you. I was wearing the Chelsea shirt.

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Birmingham Event · Match Attax 11/12