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you gotta make sure you have a lotta lotta cards to win the signed stuff as at the newcastle event it appeared a couple of poeple had been to a couple of previous events and new what the score was and they was no way you were going win in the auction!!!!!!. You could use any topps footy cards moshy monster aslong as it was a topps card!!!!

Never mind if you miss out on the signed stuff pop along to your local footy ground before the match at 12pm on a 3pm kick off you more than likley see your favourite players and get them to sign your card or shirt etc etc and also you end up ahving a chat with them aswell.

sigend john barnes shirt went for approx 600 + cards
Signed alan pardew card went for approx 1200 + cards
sigend tony mobray went for approx 600 +
sigend shay given gloves went for 2000+ cards
Signed garth bale boot went for approx 4000+ cards

when i was talking to the seasoned guys they said our auction prices were very low, the main thing about the auction its really for the kids to particpate. As with any auction never loose the value of what you are bidding for if it costs 50p for 5 cards each card is woth 10p so 100 carsd 10 and 1000 cards = 100 so on balance bisters win on 2600 cards would have cost 260!!!! at least which is really scarey when you think about it!!!!

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wish list cards signed ma12 19/520 3% ma champ 200/293 70% ma11 262/472 55% ma10 249/471 50% Ma10 ex 49/167 = 29% Ma09 157/451= 37% Ma09 ex60/170=35% Ma08 120/450 =26% Ma08 ex 16/162 =9.8% Ma07 72 =16% Ma07 ex / % pchamp 07 37/288 =12.8% S06 131/360=36% SO06ex 17/72 =23% S05 52/360 =14.4% SO5ex 4/60 = 6.6% S04 27/360 = 7.5% S03 19/360 = 5.2% P world cup 2010 6 = 1.7% T/signed=1400+
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