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Victor Meldrew
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As it was last year another great day at the Birmingham Swap & Play event at Aston Villa FC. Nice to meet up again with two great Forum members gt6943 and his son and Koda and his father. As gt6943 mentioned it was a pity that those people who spotted us there did not introduce themselves and say hello. Congratulations on gt6943ís son on making the last 16 and to Koda on making the last 8 (told you Koda that you could do it). It is a shame they did not progress further but there was some very good opponents out there and it was a very small margin that prevented them winning those last games. I am sure they now have the experience and potential to go further next year. Nice bidding by gt6943 in the charity auction in getting that great looking Given shirt for his son. I have now put our completed Match Attax binder to bed at last after getting the last few remaining cards in the Swap section. Thanks also go to gt6943 and Koda for the cards and swaps (helping other members is what the forums about). David (dakbryncae) won one of his matches which he was chuffed about so we came away well happy with our Arteta limited editions and three Bronze cards. Also a big thanks to Aston Villa for providing a superb venue and Topps for the well run event and very friendly and helpful staff.
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Birmingham Event · Match Attax 11/12