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I think ofb1988 is kindhearted. he just warn us not to pay stupid money on the so called unreleased LE. anyway what he do is much better than the guy who is always claiming that he got the unreleased LE and ask u to pay stupid money.

I think the admin should pay attention to those unreal topic. like adrenalyn xavi unreleased, and now topps walcott unreleased. if they put in ebay, that's ok, ebay will charge. but here, if they don't have any proof and they would make big money after they make a big topic of unreleased something. just my opinion. hope it would help.

BTW, I guess these 3 LE are: Parker, Gerrard, Walcott.
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Walcott limited and 2 others · Euro 2012 - Match Attax England