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Just going off a few of the previous comments, I thought I would give my slant on things...

At the moment it is unreleased is the Walcott. No one knows if it is going to be released, so it can't be called a pre release.

People have to make their own mind up if they want to pay a silly price and hope that it is unreleased or wait to see if it will be easy to get and then it turns out that isn't the case. No one is forcing anyone to buy at the prices being set on ebay, everyone values cards at different prices.

Of course it is good that members on here inform other members when more information becomes available - that is the reason that FCF exists! No one wants anyone to get conned if there is info out there to stop people paying silly prices for something.

I have sold one of these cards on ebay and did not force anyone to buy it. It wasn't listed as 'unreleased' and the buyer made the decision that they were willing to pay the price I set. Sellers are seizing the opportunity to sell while there is mystery surrounding this card - if demand is higher than supply then it drives the price up.
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