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I spoke to one of my contacts at Topps and it is an exclusive with MOTD mag but he will tell us on the day so I can post it for our members, to be honest someone will probably beat me too it and get the mag early!

Bibster is correct they have an agreement for the reveal to be through MOTD magazine they won't tell anyone who rings.

The decision to release more LE's are obviousley to give as an inducement to more shops or mags to promote their cards, Morrisons? Entertainer? Kick Mag? FCF!! :D (nice idea but no chance, I'm afraid!)

Wouldn'r be surprised if Walcott was released as a means of shooting down the speculators and putting a dampner on unreleased black markets in the future, with Rodriguez and Wallcot getting late releases people will be very wary of spending huge amount on leaked limiteds.
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