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May 6 2012, 08:04 PM
Why is he a profiteer ? whats the difference between selling this card for a certain price and selling the Adrenalyn Limited Editions for a certain price ? Once the magazine/newspaper is not available anymore then where will you get that item ? or selling the free cds/dvds that come with newspapers ?

I'm hoping to have some tomorrow and I will be asking a realistic price given that they are not likely to be available much longer, people will have a choice to pay it or not.

prof∑it∑eer †(prf-tÓr)
One who makes excessive profits on goods in short supply.
intr.v. prof∑it∑eered, prof∑it∑eer∑ing, prof∑it∑eers
To make excessive profits on goods in short supply

The english dictionary says it how can you back someone who tries
To sell something for £20 at ten in the morning then is trying to sell
Same item for ten times less 7 hours later! A proiteer in every sense
Of the word.
I believe this forum was set up to help people to save money and not
To be preyed upon by these vultures.
God bless tollyman.
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