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Hi guys, this is the Euro 2012 Mega-Comp!
All you need to do is pick a team, and it doesn't have to be in the Euro's.
Then I will simulate friendlies when we have enough teams and qualifying rounds, and the tournament. I will tell you the good-performing players to help you choose your squad for the big game. All matches will be simulated on FIFA.
Please join!
I will update whenever I can!

Team list
MatchAttaxMaster101- England
MasterMujiOfMatchAttax10/11- Spain
artsefa- Germany
LFCMessi- Holland
docnev- Italy
ho123Wang- France
xavi101- Portugal
Holden8klasnic17- Sweden
marchingwizard- Belgium
MatchAttaxCam- Russia
Joshua_10- Republic of Ireland
Heycallumj- Denmark
Weing Chong- Ukraine
Rossi MUFC- Croatia
Tankerton1- Czech Republic
hattersfan- Northern Ireland
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