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Hey guys pick a team in FIFA 12 and I will create a competition to see which team will win the FIFA 12 league 24 spaces are to be taken and I will sim them.
1.Derby County- Megastarly
2.Leicester City- watts27
3.Bohemians- Matchattaxfan4
4.AC Milan- Holden8klasnic17
5.Everton- harryl1878
6.Real Madrid- Joshua_10
7.Aston Villa- Portlaw
8.Barcelona- Xavi101
9.Manchester City- Messi-FCB-Liverpool
10.Manchester United-Artsefa
11.Chelsea- Lucifor16
12.Tottenham Hotspur- MarchingWizard
13.Celtic- Damando
14.Arsenal- Tankerton1
15.Bayern Munich- MatchAttaxMaster11
16.Birmingham City- MatchAttaxMaster101
17.Borussia Dortmund- QueenAttax48
18.Boca Juniors- My brother(DCFC)
19.Juventus- jimjam300
20.Inter Milan- Weing Chiong
21.Newcastle United- Rossi MUFC
22.Santos- sean
23.Accrington Stanley- CPU
24.Macclesfield- CPU
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Hello there im MegaStarly and i support Derby County
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