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Mar 9 2013, 02:01 PM
Thanks again for the legend pictures Panini King not too sure Podolski should be a legend as he wasn't that successful with Munich in the Bundesliga and didn't score too many goals as he could have done in his second spell with Cologne, i have heard his first spell with them was brilliant though, or am i wrong?
While I wouldn't call Podolski a legend, he was a great player at Cologne. He scored some big goals for them (in 2005-2007) and was the only bright spot in a DISMAL team. It would be like if Kenny Miller scored 25 goals for Derby County in 2007-08. Poldi was horrible at Bayern for whatever reason but he is one of FC Cologne's more prolific players

What a great tribute the legends inserts are for the Bundesliga's 50th season! I wish all of the Legend cards looked more like the Matthaus. Not sure about Mueller being a 100 club. He's more of a clutch player who just shows up at the right time. Would have personally selected Mandzukic or Dante over him. Holtby would have been it had he not left in January

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