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Aug 26 2013, 04:25 PM
Aug 26 2013, 04:01 PM
Just to update the $200 deposit to Blowout has been paid so we won't need to pay the remainder till December time.

Someone brought up a good point and I thought I'd leave it up for discussion. There are this set, but if a dual jersey card contains for example a man united and man city player what should we do to determine which team gets the card?
give it to those that have the least jersey cards.

Single cards get handed out first, then dual, triple and quad jersey cards in that order.

If utd & city are on a card and city has 2 single shirts to utd 3 then they get it.

other wise draw lots for it.

You do need to get this sorted before as if one of the cards has a patch it could be worth 100's!!

And not to put too much pressure on I'd be very unhappy to miss out on a dual 'patch' card with Gerrard as one of the players!! :o
Yeah but of those will work. With regards to picking picking someone with the fewest jerseys do you think it best to give it to the person with fewest hits? For example United has 2 jerseys and 2 autos and Man city has 1 jersey and 4 autos then eve though City have less jerseys they have more hits.

With regards to a patch dual and price I think the patches that will reach the 100's range is the jumbo patches. I can't see a dual patch of gerrard competing with a jumbo patch of his
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