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Panini King
Aug 29 2013, 07:26 PM
My predictions for Hundred Clubs

GK- Trapp or Adler
Def- Toprak or Höwedes
Mid- Gündogan
Fwd- Kießling
101- Ribery or Schweinsteiger
Trapp would be an interesting selection for the GK position. I think Adler will get it though since I rate him slightly higher and he's a NT keeper.

Can't see Hoewedes getting one, Schalke's defense has been shocking this year

Kiessling is deserved of a 100 club. Very underrated striker

Ribery or Schweinsteiger deserves to be the 101. I'd be surprised though if Topps makes them the 101 player though since they seem to change it each year. Plus Mueller seems to be the cover boy
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