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Hat Trick Hero
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Sep 30 2013, 10:35 AM
I wrote a nice long email to Panini UK on Thursday asking for confirmation of availability of the new XL release. As both a collector and trader I tried to be positive and asked if they could clarify their plans for the product in the UK. Highlighting the limited amount of retail outlets (certainly in my area) would surely hurt the longevity and popularity of the product.

Their response was short and sweet “we have made a strategic decision that the collection will be a newstrade exclusive”. Nothing more!

Also, it appears the proposed meeting with Click Distribution to dicsuss is unlikely to happen.

Very annoyed about this. Less than 2 weeks to find a new supplier. This may well be the end of Adrenalyn XL for me.
I'll tell you why. Panini creating 2 series special for UK - London2012 and Road to Brazil 2014 and all series defeat of the financial. If in UK not interesting local or smalest series, Panini not interesting developinvg on this market. In this year in UK sold about 250000 bosters of CL 12/13 in the some time in Poland 400000. The price is the some in this country but the salary no. From this year T-Moblile Ekstraliga - this not good football league.
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