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Nov 8 2013, 09:05 AM
New information with disappointment.


The future quotation
Cards are all 242 type, chrome spec's regular card of 174 players!
Each club Crest cards 18 species, 40 species, star players refractors specification subset
Refractors specifications puzzle 10 seeds!

Pack is a pack of 6, out the inclusion rate of approximately 1 in refractors specification subset!

Also, Exchange tickets Jersey card (all 8,000 copies) inclusion rate of about 1 in 1 box!
Also autograph 4 box one inclusion rate (2400 photos total)!

Topps Premier Gold = 5 auto + 5 jersey in 1 BOX.
Topps Bundesliga Chorome = 0.25 auto + 1 jersey exchange card in 1 BOX. :shrug
It is great to see this becoming a larger release than just the premier league as it shows it may not just be a once off.

I assume the reason why the insert rates are much lower than the premier league set is due to price and demand. Demand for the premier league will be worldwide and can sell even though it's so expensive, whereas the german league will have a big collection fanbase but not enough to justify the same it seems
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