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Ok everyone it's about time to update this so people can get their funds together as payment will be needed on the 20th if Blowout's release date is correct so payment will be taken in the coming days. I will send all participants a pm to look at this thread again for the updates:

1. I rang UPS asking if there will be customs and they said if shipped international there would be, I inquired how much but they said they would need the exact weight which I didn't have but I ordered a case with them before and was charged 60 euro but it was slightly heavier I would think so I will put a customs charge of $60 in which is $3 per slot and when it arrives I will show the customs form in the video so people know how much it was if it's less I will refund the couple of cents to each of you and if more which I suspect it will be I'll just pay the extra.

2. Not many people did this the first time round (most sent it friends or paid for the fees) but it was ok for those who did as it was only $20 so it wasn't so bad. But when sending the money please make sure if sending it under paying for goods and services that you pay for the fees. I can't afford to be paying the fees for everybody's slot not with it being about $1000 we'll be sending over to Blowoutcards.

3. Finally after the cards are received all packages will be sent regular shipping with proof of postage being kept but if once the break is done you would like tracked shipping you can let me know and send over the extra for shipping. If you wish the normal postage then please ignore this point.

4. Final payment price has been updated in the first post. If you have one spot it costs $61.50 and if you have 2 spots it costs $123.00

We'll also set out the rules for dual jerseys etc over the coming weeks :)
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