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Dec 6 2013, 02:24 PM
Dec 6 2013, 07:30 AM
Just received an email back from them saying that they look for payment 7 days before release once topps have confirmed it with them. They still have their date as the 18th so for now we have to look to get all payments by the 11th just in case they do look for it then so if all members left to pay could pm and let me know when they can that'd be great :)
is it too late to have a spot for this?
Many members took a second team even though they had no interest in a second to help get the break going which i'm very grateful for and i'm sure everyone else is too so if you look in the first post for a team you'd like you can contact the members name next to it as they might sell you the spot, I don't think spots like Man utd, liverpool etc will be sold though but it doesn't hurt to ask whoever has the team you'd like :-)
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