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Jan 2 2014, 12:43 PM
just bought the Joe Cole 1 I reckon these will be worth quite a bit as they are a 1 off card
Printing Plates are an odd thing when it comes to value. A lot of card collectors do not see it as a card as it a plate and was used iin the production so they do not see it as essential to their collection (for example Agbonlahor parallel #/11 went for $15 but his plate #/1 went for $20).

But then other collectors see it as being greater than the card as it was used to produce the card and see it as being the first thing produced of the card and sometimes they even have ink (I've a family guy printing plate with dried ink still on it from production).

Either way each printing plate is 1/1 and they are cool as they were used to make the cards
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