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Jan 10 2014, 12:39 AM
Just a piece of advice, I did the last one very poorly.

When deciding the price of the teams you are going to have to tier them. For example a Hull patch card (amazing patch) #/11 sold for like $16 or something whereas as a Henderson #/5 or #/11 or something sold for over $100.

To ensure you get all spots filled you would have to offer Hull for the cheapest and probably United, Liverpool Arsenal (the case hit teams) for more as they will get better value for the spot. It wouldn't be easy to decide the new prices but it's the only way to entice people into the break and to make it fairer for people to get value for what they are putting in. To charge some $71 for Hull with them making back maybe a quarter of that is not fair and was only told this by an american who does a lot of case breaks and told me this was the way it should have been done and it made a lot of sense.

I really don't think it will get filled unless done that way. Everybody will want united even at a higher price. Look at what Catherine got, even if she was charged over 100 for her spot she got a card worth a couple thousand. A 1/1 hull will be lucky to fetch $50.

Just a bit of advice as I hope we can get another break going. It's really great for the forum :)
i was thinking of doing that with a second case,its exactly right some teams have more hits and are far more popular than others, to break them into levels/categories is the fairest and most sensible thing.
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