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I'm trying to get every single variation, but I drew the line at a (1/1) platinum base card at $125. I have to remind myself "we're only Palace" so I don't get carried away in some sort of obsessive frenzy!

And a seller with the quad auto ( /5) that featured a Palace player wanted circa $400. Sorry but my son's season ticket (Premiership) costs much less than that!!!.
This quad auto:-

Posted Image

went for just over $200 (it's not the one I want as it happens) but very strangely the seller wouldn't ship to the UK. It's a set all about a UK league for goodness sake!

The barmy thing is that I can meet any Palace player before any home game (I go to them all) and get nything signed easily (they're not fenced off or anything) but I'm paying loads for autos just because they are part of a card collection!!

To add to the fun, it's not just enough for the base cards to be in: Base, Green, Orange, Platinum, Premier Gold and 4 x Printing plates. There are also unique 'blank backs' (1/1) occasionally released onto ebay by topps authentics !!!

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