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The team I collect is Villa. Within them I collect a number of things.

I've always gone for jerseys over auto's. To me an auto is an auto, but with jerseys a patch is one of kind, yes you might have 2 of them on a jersey like the premier league patches but even at that there will only be one other like it of that player. I got the quad which had a patch of the 4 villa players in the set and had almost every patch available to get in the set. Guzan (defabet patch and yellow jersey), Benteke (premier league patch and blue jersey), Weimann (macroon symbol on shoulder and claret jersey), Tonev (number patch and claret jersey). The only other thing I could get is the crest but Topps never put them into the set so the quad is enough on the jersey count. But it was great to get all those patches on 1 card. I've only seen one other quad and the only difference was the benteke patch just had the premier league patch but no blue jersey so the others could vary or be the same.

I'm also trying to collect the rainbow base, green (/99), orange (/11), platinum (/1) and premier gold (/1) of my 2 favourite players Guzan and Agbonlahor. It is difficult as the 1/1s may never appear but when they do and if you can complete he rainbow set of a particular card it looks spectacular. There are 4 potential rainbows to put together with those players and if I can even put one of them together I'll be delighted.
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