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Like Diego, I collect Manchester United ... I actually mainly collect club issued or obtained in person memorabilia. However, I have amassed quite a good collection of Upper Deck autos & jerseys and quite a few of autos and jerseys from the new premier gold. I personally am not interested in the base cards or green/orange subsets. You have to draw the line somewhere. The other thing that makes it hard to get even all the autos and jerseys are the crazy prices being asked for the cards. Barring Ronaldo (who hasn't really been one of ours for 5 or so years) it's ONLY Ashley Young and Marouane Fellaini - Not 2 players who are setting the world on fire and in my opinion not 2 players who's cards are worthy of commanding top dollar. I have done quite well thus far however, I am quite confident that in the month or so, people will realise we have all paid a lot more than the cards are really worth and the "madness" will level the prices out. Seems most UK sellers are not looking at international pricing as they seem to be asking about 3-4 x what US and Asian sellers are asking. I have seen common autos of Darren Bent and the like with ask prices of 30-40 quid on ebay UK whereas you can but the same card for $10 US on ebay.com!! The positive is that at least there is a quality football release that has genuine autographs which is worth putting some money into and based on the popularity of this release I think Topps will already be working on a series 2. Hopefully with a better range of players for each team or at least as many per team as Villa LOL
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