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Jan 12 2014, 11:31 AM
Problem UK sellers have is they have had to pay increased prices for stock compared to non UK sellers and so will have to ask increased prices for the items, luckily I took only a small delivery compared to some.

For West Brom cards i'll buy what I like to be honest, if I overpay a little for an item so be it if its an item I want or like the look of. Its the first time we have been involved in a collection like this. I don't buy for investment purposes I buy as a collector and don't really care if others think I overpay or not, my choice and as long as I don't spend what I cannot afford to do then thats fine by me.

The numbered cards to #/99 will drop and have dropped, the other numbered cards in many cases could increase as they dry up.

I've collected American Sports cards on and off for a number of years, I think I started originally in 1982 but as that was before ebay I gave up as it was a struggle to get anywhere with them, since then I have dipped in now and again but have the problem of customs charges these days more so than before. Its amazing the difference in UK collectors compared to US collectors. UK collectors seem to be more reluctant to pay a premium price for a card and the manufacturers and some collectors seem to resent independent card sellers where in the US they are encouraged and some of the top dealers are consulted by the manufacturers before items are produced. Maybe its because there has never been a decent collection in the UK that doesn't involve Match Attax and Adrenalyn XL for a long period of time and those cards have been available on the manufacturers website a few months after release.
I hear what you are saying Phil, however UK sellers don't HAVE to pay a lot more than US sellers. I am in Australia and obviously the postage would be marginally higher than within US or even to the UK, the shipping cost of a box of Premier Gold is $33 US and the box price is the same as US as it would be bought from a US stockist $209.95 is the best I have found so far total of $242 USD delivered to my door in Australia. So if people CHOOSE not to do a basic Google search for the cost of a box that is their lack of knowledge not an enforced "premium" to pay for not being in America.
If UK stockists are asking the price in pounds and pence that the packs/boxes/cases are in US dollars (EG: $209-249 USD for a box becoming 210-250 pound) that is just daylight robbery and more fool those who accept it.

I was tempted to buy a box or 2 in the hope of pulling something I need but given I really only still need a CR7 base auto (Not too interested in #'d CR7 autos) and a couple of the #'d jersey cards of Fellaini and Young ( as I am only interested in PC ) I am probably better off just buying individually online or through these forums as if I end up buying a box or 2 and don't pull any PC it would be a bit of a waste. The chance of ending up with 5-10 common autos worth $10 each makes it too much of a risk and I will probably just pay the money on a CR7 base auto and have a bit of change.

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