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Jan 12 2014, 01:25 PM
Its okay saying that but when UK sellers had to put orders in back in October or so we were unaware of costs elsewhere around the world, if we had been aware then I for one would not have purchased from here and would have gone from overseas for my stock. Not the smoothest purchases I have made from suppliers in the UK.

You cannot do a basic google search when buying trade which is where the problems have come for us, the price we have paid trade is not much different to what we can buy off ebay elsewhere.
Phil I am pretty sure I have seen you post on Blowout cards, which means you would most likely have been aware that you could have pre-ordered through them at exactly the same pricing as the US (with marginally higher postage) , I am not trying to be argumentative at all, it is purely the facts. Dacardworld also had the same preorder offersI found all this in Septemeber/October. This is coming from someone who lives in Australia and only buys and collects PC (not a reseller/ retailer) so if I found this all well before release anyone else could have. Anyhow, I believe we are digressing here - back to the main topic, I will stick to Auto and relic cards only. Can I ask all what your opinions are on some of the relic cards where the piece of kit actually has been partially signed by "someone"??? Personally I don't like it. There is an Ashley Young 1/1 on ebay which has what appears to be a bit of RVP's signature on it (It's definitely not Ashley Youngs signature) In my opinion it cheapens the patch as there is no good reason for it having any signing on it and does kind of cloud the fact that it was an event worn jersey - again in MY opinion only.
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