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I registered on Blowout when the cards came out, I only viewed it very rarely before that as I use another forum in the US more so. If I am contacted by my suppliers here in UK then why would I look around for another company ? Prices were not certain here for a long while to the extent some of us received calls asking how we felt about Topps increasing the prices as they were uncertain if they would make enough money from the product !! I think you are missing the point slightly. If I pre-order from DAcards etc then obviously they are getting stocks at prices cheaper than here in UK if we are paying more ? They are resellers of cards just like me and others (albeit on a massively greater scale and one I will never achieve), their stock comes from Topps same as ours were supposed to be coming from (open to suggestion seemingly if they did or not). I have no knowledge of how many suppliers are in Australia to be honest, I guess not many who would stock this product so you would have to look at the US etc.

To the subject of the patches, not impressed one bit to be honest as we've mentioned elsewhere on the forum, some are not even the shirts worn in the image and for my part Geroge Thornes one is one he must have worn when signing for Topps as he's never worn it in a game.

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