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Just to add my 2p's worth...

I really feel for the sellers in the UK over this release. The fact that the prices they have bought at, mean that they have to charge 25 a pack, or higher prices for inserts/hits if the packs are opened, is ludicrous. And saying that they could have pre ordered through American stockists cheaper is not a valid argument - customs charges are horrendous as I have found out before ordering 1 box (not 1 case) of Upper Deck MLS.

The collection is of the Premier League, based in the UK. Yet the American market get this product at a cheaper price. And although there are some big fans of the Premier League in America, the number of videos I have watched where this product has been open and I have heard comments such as 'he plays for Samsung' or 'Peter Crouch - he is a goalkeeper' just winds me up. Why would people open boxes and boxes of the stuff when they don't know the players or who they play for?? A wasted opportunity for Topps to make this a big collection in the UK in my opinion.

On the upside of a lot of American dealers having no interest or knowledge of the players, has meant that I have picked up some decent cards really cheap. So I suppose every cloud...
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