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Jan 9 2014, 04:19 PM
Jan 9 2014, 03:38 PM
Hi guys, I'm new here. I've read a few comments questioning if the relics are match worn. The card clearly suggests at the back that- 'the memorabilia contained in this card is not from any specific, game event or season'. Either it isn't match worn, or they don't particularly know which match?
The word there is 'event'. An event could be a press conference, public event, any type of event or event signing like they did.

I have been very interested in the Villa cards and not a single Weimann or Tonev card has included the premier league badge which leads me to believe they are event worn. I think this as both the Guzan and Benteke do contain the premier league badge so were more than likely used in a premier league game around the time topps obtained the auto's.
Let's not be naive here. When the card says "The memorabilia contained in this card is/are not from any specific game, event or season" it basically means that the player has most probably never actually worn the shirt which has been used for the card. If the piece of memorabilia would come from a game worn shirt (even event worn shirt), the card would clearly indicate that as it makes the card (and set) more interesting for collectors.
People might feel bad about it, but this is how all card manufacturers have been working for many years (mainly in other sports sets). If this is important for you and it makes a difference in the amount of money you want to spend, you should check this carefully before you buy. It's the same thing as checking whether an autograph is on card or sticker, if that matters to you.

For me, it is quite simple:
If you are after an authentic piece of memorabilia, you should stay far away from this set.
For card collectors, on the other hand, I don't think it matters too much if the memorabilia are genuine or not. The cards are special and some are unique, and that is what matters for them. If you would look at for example NBA card sets, you would see that cards with game worn mem have a higher price than cards with non-game worn mem. If there were more high end football card sets, I am sure you would see the same thing. Now there is only one real premium set out there and prices paid are therefore very high, no matter if the memorabilia are game worn or not.
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