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Hat Trick Hero
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Jan 12 2014, 02:18 PM
Just to add my 2p's worth...

I really feel for the sellers in the UK over this release. The fact that the prices they have bought at, mean that they have to charge 25 a pack, or higher prices for inserts/hits if the packs are opened, is ludicrous. And saying that they could have pre ordered through American stockists cheaper is not a valid argument - customs charges are horrendous as I have found out before ordering 1 box (not 1 case) of Upper Deck MLS.

The collection is of the Premier League, based in the UK. Yet the American market get this product at a cheaper price. And although there are some big fans of the Premier League in America, the number of videos I have watched where this product has been open and I have heard comments such as 'he plays for Samsung' or 'Peter Crouch - he is a goalkeeper' just winds me up. Why would people open boxes and boxes of the stuff when they don't know the players or who they play for?? A wasted opportunity for Topps to make this a big collection in the UK in my opinion.

On the upside of a lot of American dealers having no interest or knowledge of the players, has meant that I have picked up some decent cards really cheap. So I suppose every cloud...
Basically it's the same thing as with the limited Aguero Match Attax card that could only be acquired in the UK when you subscribed to a magazine (and spent quite some money), only to be given away almost for free in Hungary a few months later (please correct me if I have some facts wrong here). It is not fair and Topps are guilty of organizing it this way for their own benefit, while laughing in the face of collectors.

If Topps cares about collectors, either they should release it at more or the less the same price in every country, either they should just limit the release to one country after which the rest of the world can order boxes from there. I would have understood it if this set was only released in the US, as this is a Topps America product (as far as I understood). Customs charges will always be a pain in the ass but I am afraid that's how things work if you buy stuff from other countries. And you can task the risk of trying to avoid them... :$
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