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Jan 13 2014, 02:18 PM
Jan 12 2014, 04:56 PM
Jan 12 2014, 10:23 AM
I still don't quite understand the hype around a little cutting of shirt. I still think it would have been better to do a redemption for actual shirts?

Although by that logic, I could take one of the match worn shirts in my collection, cut it into a few hundred s***Censored***s and sell them for a fortune :P
That can be said about anything. What's the hype of having someone scribble their name on a card? Whats the big hype of having match attax cards they are just cards with numbers?

To me it's that it represents the club and player, if it was just of any random shirt or top the player wore I couldn't care less but it's that it's of a villa jersey, same when you collect match attax or whatever what good would it be to have a player in the clothes they wear in their private life?

And they are part of a licensed set, a Ronaldo jersey card with a piece of United crest would sell for more than the majority of full match worn jerseys of most players so I the logic of that may work, if you get your shirt into a licensed set ;)
I fully get your point about that, but it wasn't really that idea that I was going on about. My main confusion about it is why cut it up when you could just give someone a whole shirt? Not quite sure what you mean about "private life" clothes - when I said actual shirts I meant as in the matchworn shirts whole rather than cut up.

Match worn shirts aren't really that expensive so I'm sure Topps could have been able to afford 4 or 5 of each player rather than one and cutting it up into smaller bits?
Maybe there could be multiple selections of the kit... to incorporate your idea maybe a badge patch, along with some blank patch and possibly part of a letter from the back of the kit maybe? Of course they couldn't do this with all cards, but for some, and it could bump up it's ridiculously inaccurate sale value. I still don't see the point so about the fact that crest is worth more than the entire else of the kit, by he way I meant that I agree with you but I don't see why it happens, its truly illogical.

And some people do like to collect Match Attax cards, it is a hobby and there is as much reason to collection them as there is to collect any other set, including these PremierLeague Premiums. But I do agree with you on that note, it seems pointkess yet people still do it. 'People' including me by the way, so I should shut up.
But to be generally honest, I would rather collect cards than these autos and so called 's***Censored***s'. Much quicker, and cheaper, but the magic isn't really there about Match Attax, I would definetly purchase a once in a lifetime auto or 's***Censored***' than just go to my local Co-Op and buy 40 card trading cards.

And yeah it would be a great idea to just make a massive card with an entire kit on, but in my opinion that's kind of pushing it a bit.
It's a great set, but the way they do it ( make the cards to have a 2cm by 2cm s***Censored*** of kit, yes just kit, nothing special such as a letter or a badge or even an authenticity of the kit badge... actually that would be a decent idea, at least it proves te authenticity of the kit! ), is questionable. But really what can you expect from Topps. I would have loved of of Panini had had a crack at this, and hopefully, maybe with the Prizm set this upcoming summer. Anyway, I should really stop going off topic.

As I said in the brackets in the previous paragraph, you could question the authenticity of the kits, but that's another post!
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